Putting People & Process at the Heart of Profitability

What We Do


From custom built processes to team building exercises. We custom tailor a playbook for your practice.


Exhaustive operational and financial analysis of your practice with a customized set of action items to execute.


Whether it is recruiting needs, compliance, or team member engagement we cover it all.

Finance & Accounting

Full stack accounting services, bill pay, budgeting, forecasting, and more.

Why Choose Us

Keep your Cashflow

No need to sell any part of your practice.

Not Private Equity

People aren’t just a number, neither is your practice.

Implant Gurus

15+ years of implant experience


Two-sided efforts vs. mandates

About Our Company

We are a management group aimed at delivering support in: Strategy, Operations, People, and Finance. We cultivate partnerships with practices that are looking to collaborate, innovate, and grow together. Together we build healthy, performance-driven cultures that allow teams to execute data-driven strategies that optimize patient outcomes and practice growth.

Client Testimonials

"I highly recommend Ascend Dental Alliance for their transformative support in optimizing my dental practice. Their multi-faceted structure and exceptional culture-building capabilities created an efficient, professional, and harmonious workplace. Ascend's expertise in administrative tasks and their gift of time allowed me to focus on patients and regain control of my schedule. For streamlining your practice and reclaiming personal time, Ascend Dental Alliance is the top choice."
"The team at Ascend stepped in and immediately made a significant difference. Their expertise in practice management shines through their targeted and effective solutions. At the core of their approach is building a team and a culture that delivers a high level of performance every day. Suddenly, I found myself with more time on my hands than I'd had in years. This allowed me to refocus on the core of my practice: providing excellent patient care. I went from delivering 10 arches per month to 15 arches per month (~$125k/month) with their support.
Dr. Drew Phillips - Implant Guru

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