Annual Revenue Budgeting Template

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Finance

Budgeting for Next Year?

We come across a lot of practices that look at their revenue budget as a simple percentage increase year-over-year, rather than coming to a number that makes sense and is actionable. This exercise is designed to be done by both the Office Manager and Practice Owner. It is an exercise that can foster ownership, accountability, and excitement….yes team members get excited about this kind of stuff! 🤯

Metrics You Will Need

  • Working Days

You will need to have an estimate of the number of working days for each provider of the practice.

  • Current Production Per Visit

Here we are looking at net production (after adjustments) per patient visit for each provider. This allows us to understand the current productivity by provider to project out.

  • Current Visits Per Day

Knowing how many visits per day each provider sees is needed to project out the total revenue

How To Use the Worksheet Video Tutorial

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